Philosophy - the Existence of God

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Arguments for the existence of God

  • All things happen because of another thing causing it to happen. For example, "the 50th domino falls over because the 49th one has caused it to by knocking into it". God must of created the earth because everything has a cause and the only possible thing that could of created the earth is God himself (who is the only thing that is unmade).
  • God must have created the earth because of the "intellegent lifeforms" that exist. This tell us that the earth must have been created because it is so complex. 
  •  Religious people refer to their religious teachings and books as a source of evidence that God exists.
  • The "Genesis Creation Story" tells us that God created the earth in 7 days, however he rested on the last. He created light on the first day, sea and rain on the second, land on the third, the sun and starts on the fourth, animals on the fifth, humans on the sixth and God finally rested on the seventh. However, we cannot fully trust this story as it contradicts itself as it says that God created the sun after he created light, although sun is a natural source of light. 
  • Another argument is named the "design or teleological argument". This argument states that because of the world being so perfect and precise, this is proof that it must of been thought out by a creator. For example, a man named William Paley stated that he came across a wrist-watch on a beach and that wristwatch was so perfect that it was definitely man-made. He then hypothesised about the world. He hypothesised that the earth may look big, but it is really small and complex compared to the rest of the universe, therefore it must have a creator, just like the small and complex wrist-watch.
  • The main argument is that believers of the religion have personal experiences with God. Religious


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