4.6 - The moral argument

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  • 4.6 - The moral argument
    • Our human sense of right and wrong makes it reasonable to believe that God exists
    • Cardinal John Newman
      • Linked sense of guilt when do wrong to voice of God speaking through conscience
      • God enabled each person to know right from wrong
      • People can choose to ignore conscience as have free will
      • God's voice within us was a reminder we were responsible to him
      • If God didn't exist, then humans have no sense of right and wrong
    • Immanuel Kant
      • Humans are aware of what they should do in a moral dilemma. Have a duty to do the right thing
      • Recognised that people may not always be rewarded in this life when do good
      • Argued that in order to be fair, God must exist so can be rewarded
      • Claimed that believing in God and justice after death is only reason live morally good lives in this life
    • John Hick
      • Linked behaviour in this life to our existence after death
      • Humans had to make decisions about what is right
      • Suffering and evil were opportunities to learn and act in a way that would best please God
        • People become more like God. Continues after death, so each person continues on their journey to goodness
    • Some reject as doesn't fit with belief of God judging people after death
    • Christians believe that moral behaviour will impact on God's judgement of people - Parable of the Sheep and Goats
    • Christians believe that by listening to conscience and guided by Holy Spirit, they are more able to make decisions, and live lives that will be judged better by God


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