4.2 - Christian beliefs and views on God as good

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  • 4.2 - Christian beliefs and views on God as good
    • Revealed through his provision of law
      • God desires that people do what is right
      • God has given humanity rules on living a good life
        • Wants people to act in a way that is morally good and caring
        • God=good  =  rules=good and best way for humans to live
      • God allows humans free will - doesn't force goodness
    • Revealed through judgement
      • God will judge humans when they die
        • determines what happens after death
      • God knows and sees everything
        • Means can judge fairly
    • Revealed through creation
      • Describes as good in Genesis
        • When God creates the world and everything that is in it
      • God provides all that is needed to sustain the world and its inhabitants
    • Revealed through salvation
      • God chooses to offer humans forgiveness
      • God sent Jesus to die for human sin forever
        • C's believe that if have faith in Jesus and repent then God will forgive and go to heaven


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