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Religion and Human Relationships - Christianity

Sacrament ­ A special action which brings Christians closer to
Civil Partnership ­ Legal recognition of a same-sex relationship
with a registry office ceremony.
Vows ­ Sacred promises a couple make at their marriage.
Annulment ­ A marriage terminated by the Church…

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Evidence to support this viewpoint
In the second creation story in Genesis, it said that God made Adam
first and Eve as his helper.
Eve led Adam astray by being tempted to eat the apple from the Tree
of Knowledge meaning that woman is the weaker sex.
In the New…

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A Christian marriage is a civil (legal) contract as well as a covenant (an
agreement) between the couple and God to:
Provide for each other with help and support in good and bad times.
Enjoy a sexual relationship
Have children and bring up a family

In a…

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bless same-sex couples ­ they encourage their members to be `welcoming and
inclusive' ­ but the union is not seen as a marriage. Some Church of England
members have similar views and may bless couples.

The Roman Catholic Church does not accept any union between same-sex
couples. They might encourage…

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of the couple were pressured or forced into marriage. Finally,
annulments may be granted due to non-consummation (no sex has
taken place.)
In some cases, the Church of England will accept divorce and may
agree to a divorced person remarrying. It is up to the vicar of a
particular church,…

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However, not all Christians permit a second marriage in Church because
the divorced partner would be making promises in front of God which
they have already broken once.
Divorced people who want to remarry either have to find a church that
allows divorcees to remarry or they can get married…

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One of the main purposes of marriage is to bring up a family, so some
Christians disagree with artificial forms of contraception. Roman Catholics
follow the guidance from Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae, in which he explained
that God made sex so that children could be born. He said…


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