301 Part 2

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  • 301 Part 2
    • Skills and Attribute
      • Time management, organisation, reliability, flexibility, creativity, confidentiality, professional manner, up to date knowledge, forward thinking, trouble shooting.
    • Social Media
      • Facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, blog, YouTube, drop box, pintrest, model mayhem
    • Benefits of social media
      • Promotion, collaboration, creativity, reputation,network, marketing, research
    • environmental conditions
      • lighting, ventilation, temperature and work area
    • Sustainibility
      • Minimising pollution, reducing and managing waste and reducing energy usage
    • Contra-indications - prevent or restrict a treatment
    • Contra-actions - reaction to the treatment
    • Risk assessment - identify the hazard, decide who would be harmed, evaluate the risk, record your findings implement, recommendations, review
    • Skin test - positive - reaction, negative - no reaction, behind the ear or on the arm 24 hours before
    • Aftercare - prolong, recreate, reaction and removal
    • Methods of evaluating - written, verbal and visual


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