Moving up to University

A series of top tips to help you survive the first few weeks of university! Good Luck!


Money Tip 1

Top Tip:

 Uni washing machines will often only take £1 and 20p coins - have a 20p pot and save them up!

(and any that you end up not using can go towards your food budget on your last week!)

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Part Time Job

Getting a part time job alongside your studies is recommended, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your lectures!


It also gives you chance to get some work experience for when you leave uni and go out into full time work.

Get started ASAP before all the jobs go!

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 In Self-Catered Halls, your budget will probably mean that most of your food will be cheap, unhealthy junk food.

Try to make meals in batches and freeze portions for another day which saves time, effort and money!

Choose supermarket basic or own brand products if you can as it is normally considerably cheaper than branded foods and they taste the same!

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Midnight Snacks

Drunken midnight snacks (i.e. Kebabs/burgers/chips) are a quick way to a bad hangover the next day- the mixture of the alcohol you have drunk and salt in the food will dehydrate you and make that headache even worse in the morning.

Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and try to resist the temptation of the kebab on the way home.

If you wake up in bed with said kebab... you might want to take heed and use it as a warning to stop the late night nibbles!

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    Make sure you attend all of your inductions; such as the library, online information and your modules. It’s also the best time to get to know people on your course.

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Lecture Hint: At the start of modules you will be given a paper or electronic guide/handbook.   Don’t lose it! It’ll tell you books that can help with the essay you forgot about!

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Access the help offered!

 Ask your uni for advice and support if you need it;

}Counselling }1:2:1 academic support }Financial Support }Student Union Staff and representatives }Careers guidance (still available after you leave!) }Uni nurse & wellbeing clinics }Library Staff }Computer Technicians

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