2.2.9 - Id-ul-Ghadeer

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  • 2.2.9 - Id-ul-Ghadeer
    • The significance of the festival
      • Re-affirm commitment to first Imam, Ali
    • Shi'a festival
    • 18th of the Dhul-Hijjah
    • Day Muhammad delivers last sermon, appoint Ali as his successor
    • 'Verse of announcement' revealed to him. Says to fulfil mission as prophet, has an important message to proclaim
    • M stop journey and go to Ghadir Khumm. Made speech and gives authority to Ali
    • M's come to pledge allegiance as M's successor
    • Sunni don't accept. Say calling to be respected. Don't celebrate
    • Perform Wudu, complete specific prayers at the mosque


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