2.2.7 - Id-ul-Adha

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  • 2.2.7 - Id-ul-Adha
    • Introduction
      • 'Festival of Sacrifice'
      • End of Hajj every year
      • Remembers time Allah gave ram to Ibrahim to sacrifice rather than son
    • Preparations
      • Animal selected for sacrifice
      • Bismillah said over it
        • 'In the name of Allah the merciful, the compassionate'
      • Meat divided into 3
        • 1/3 family
        • 1/3 friends and relatives
        • 1/3 poor and needy
    • Start with Wudu and offer a prayer.
    • Festival begins with prayers offered then delivery of a khutbah by the Imam
    • Id prayers offered in open air [Eidgah], exchange traditional greetings 'Id Mubarek' and give gifts / cards to others
    • The significance of the festival
      • Demonstration of M's willingness to make sacrifices
      • Opportunity to be thankful to A
      • Help to develop ummah
      • Sign of support for those on Hajj


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