2.2.8 - Id-ul-Fitr

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  • 2.2.8 - Id-ul-Fitr
    • Before the festival begins, paid Zakah
    • What happens
      • Morning: attend mosque for Id prayers
        • Imam give khutbah which focus on duty of care for the needy
      • Celebratory parties: enjoy special food, exchange gifts, buy new clothes, enjoy each others company
    • The significance of the festival
      • Forget past agreements
      • Thankful to Allah
        • Include success given for completing fasting
      • Look forward to reward on the DoJ
      • Visit cemetery to remember loved ones. Everyone united
    • 3 day festival
    • Beginning of 10th month [Shawal]
    • Happens end of Ramadam, when new moon seen with naked eye
    • M call 'Day of Reward' as come after Ramadam


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