1798 Rebellion Causes (2)

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  • 1798 Rebellion Long and Short term Causes (2)
    • Political Control
      • Chief Secretary responsible for day to day runnings
      • Lord Lieutenant in control
      • The country is run from Dublin Castle
      • The Parliament had limited powers, Britain had to approve
      • Ireland's status was that of a colony like America
    • Protestant Ascendany
      • Growing movement in late 18th century
      • Increased feeling in Irish parliament that they were Irish by nationality and should put Irish interests first
      • Henry Grattan became first leader of Protestant Nationalism
      • Patriots - a minority of Protestant Nationalist in Irish Commons
      • 1750's - Henry Grattan
        • Denounces subordination of Ireland to GB - Ireland shouldn't be controlled by GB
        • Wanted commercial equality to GB
        • Wanted legislative independence for Ireland - free law making
        • Formed alliance with Catholic Reformers - Catholic Committee in 1760
    • Short Term Causes
      • Influence of American (1775) and French (1789) Revoltions
      • Belief that govts can change is spreading - Ireland want change
      • Society of United Irishmen 1791 wanted independence
      • Insurrection Act 1796 - can arrest and imprison more easily
      • Wolfe Tone and the French failed to land


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