Young Irelander's Rebellion

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Lead up to Rebellion

  • Repeal Association ended in 1848 - had raised hopes but achieved little
  • Had inspired a new generation of Nationalists
  • 'Young Ireland' movement associated with the Nation newspaper, est 1842 to publicise issues of repeal
  • Wider aims than O'Connell - more than Catholic rights and repeal. Not about religion, it's about the Irish nation which has no connection with religion
  • Demanded complete separation from Britain using political persuasion and force if necessary
  • Romantic view of Nationalism - inspired by 1798 rebellion - potential for personal sacrifice (saw rebellion as something it wasn't)
  • Older generation believed they were too naive - ignored religious dynamic and GB military capacity
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  • Potato famine - starvation, lack of British support, 1848 = worst year of famine - leads to discontent. Blame British for worsening of famine
  • Daniel O'Connell's legacy - mythical figure, fulfilling his dream/destiny. He founded the repeal association. Symbol of the failure of legal protest, move to violence
  • French Revolution - Spurred ideas of rebellion, source of inspiration. Most importantly, it was successful so they thought they could follow and succeed too
  • Act of Union - discontent with no Catholic emancipation
  • Irish Identity - Under threat, fighting to keep the Irish identity. British trying to control Irish ways, to 'colonise' Ireland
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The Rebellion


  • Inspired by wave of revolutions across Europe, including French and American


  • Only ended up with around 100 armed men
  • Police expected massive force and so prepared accordingly
  • Stand-off in a garden
  • Everyone started fighting, but only two men died in total (Irish)
  • Re-named 'the Battle of Widow McCormack's Cabbage Patch'


  • Became somthing to mock
  • Impact of the Young Irelander's movement - New kind of Irish Nationalism, needed own identity
  • Britain declare Marshall Law, increased discontent
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