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2. how much support was there for the war?

  • outstanding support
  • most Italians were happy with neutrality
  • fifty-fifty
  • extreme opposition

3. 1919 how many seats and percentage of votes did the socialists win?

  • 156 seats and 32.4% of the votes
  • 158 seats and 24.2% of the votes
  • 160 seats and 32,4% of the votes

4. What should have Italy recieved in the Treaty of London?

  • Austrian territory and the balkans
  • Austrian territory and North African colonies
  • North African colonies and German territory

5. how many italian troops died and were wounded at the end of the war?

  • 650,000 died and 1 million were wounded
  • 700,000 died and 1.5 million were wounded
  • 1 million died and 650,000 were wounded


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