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2. Hobbes believed life in The State Of Nature would be....

  • Nasty, brutish and short
  • Happy, cooperative and long
  • Awkward, hard and savage
  • Awful

3. Bentham criticised Locke with what famous statement?

  • "Nonsense on stilts"
  • "I think, therefore I am"
  • "A load of nonsense"
  • "Sophistry and illusion"

4. What is: The State Of Nature? (SON)

  • A society without any formal structures or anyone to govern
  • A society where the govenerment are fully in control of all the people
  • A society where a fromal strucure exists, but no one person rules
  • A society where everyone lives only within their family group

5. In his Ship Of State, Plato likens the state to a.....

  • "An awful pirate adventure"
  • "A drunken pleasure cruise"
  • "A wonderful experienece everyone should have"
  • "A positive priate adventure"


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