AQA AS Introduction to Philosophy - Unit 1: Why Should We Be Governed? - Revision Notes

Why Should We Be Governed

  • Covers all the main philosophers!
  • Covers the main sections:
  • The State of Nature
  • Political Obligation and Consent
  • Political Dissent
  • Key knowledge for passing the AQA AS Introduction to Philosophy Unit 1: Why Should We Be Governed?!

A detailed and easy to understand revision document for the AQA AS Introduction To Philosophy Unit 1: Why Should We Be Governed.

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Why Should We Be Governed?
The State of Nature
Hobbes 'Leviathan' Locke ­ 'Second Treatise on
"A war of all against all in which life is nasty, "A state in which men live according to reason,
brutish, poor, solitary, and short" respect, and freedom and equality
Scarcity of goods…

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Other Thinkers
Thinker View
Goldman Anarchism ­ Should never have left the S/N
because Government brings no benefits
Plato Theoretical Authority ­ Experts and those who can
see the forms should run government ­ Know what
is in the best interest of the country + Acts on it
Ship +…

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Benefits: 1). Many people in society do not accept such
Hume ­ The State provides benefits to the citizens,
therefore we have an obligation to show give it our
2). Many benefits provided are not by choice
loyalty 3). Anarchists argue that the state provides no
4). Nozick…

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Type of Explanation Examples Verdict of Strengths Weaknesses
Dissent Philosophers
Conscientious Refusing to Mohammed Goldman Highlights It is their duty
Objection participate in a Ali ­ Blacks possible Cowards
government fighting white Mill ­ Harms injustice of They let
policy due to war our chances of some conflicts others die…

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Plato Governments should be led by Undemocratic and Elitist
experts (Cave + Ship Analogy) Most people in modern society
are educated and can have an
opinion without being an expert.
Hobbes Rebellions are not a good idea Hard to judge whether a
because they undermine the rebellion has succeeded or…


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