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2. What is the first written language discovered?

  • Cuneiform.
  • Minoan.
  • Mycenaean Greek.
  • Mesopotamian.

3. What is an archaeological culture?

  • The social stratification of a culture.
  • Groupings of peoples, here in prehistoric times.
  • How refined a group of peoples were.
  • When an organism grows on a find; we can examine this to tell us about what they ate at the site when it was occupied.

4. What is an assemblage?

  • An early animal (including humans).
  • An archaeological gathering of related finds, activities, peoples etc.
  • An early human (not including animals).
  • In lithic analysis, a defining characteristic of a lithic flake.

5. Who coined the term "prehistory"?

  • Christian Jurgensen Thomsen.
  • Daniel Wilson.
  • Heinrich Schliemann.
  • Charles Darwin.


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