Slave Trade

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  • Slave Trade
    • Slave ships
      • Transformation of merchant ships into slave ships
      • WEBSTER Historical Archaeology- Social Aspect
      • Danish Fredensborg
      • Henriette Marie
        • Located by the name of the bell and record 70's
          • Look for History in the records
            • First ships to sale to Barbadous
            • Captain John Taylor from the will and testimony
      • Material Culture
        • Artefact of Fear to stop rebellion- whips and shackles
        • Cauldron, music, medicine= Communication
        • WEBSTER: African possessions shells
      • Liverpool ship brooks
        • Measured for the Parliament Act to show cramp conditions
          • Propaganda for the abolishing of slavery
    • Range of archaeological evidence
      • manuscripts
        • Seal Logs are increasingly useful
      • Painting
      • Plans/ models
      • Images
      • Death records


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