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Started at the end of the Last Ice Age at around 10,000-5,000 BC

It was a period of rising temperatures and rising sea levels which were caused by melting glaciers 

Kinloch,Rhum - a site with the earliest evidence of human settlement in Scotland, the people gathered bloodstone for tools, artefacts from Rhum have also been found in Skye, the site has been Radiocarbon Dated to around 6600BC and burnt hazelnuts and stone flakes were found, stake holes were discovered which have been interprated as windbreaks 


The Mesolithic people are believed to live next to the Neolithic 

They had to deforest before they were able to plant the crops 

After that they made sturdy stone structures

Livestock is introduced from Europes

Maes Howe - chambered tomb which dates to 2800BC, the passage is alligned with the sun that shines in at winter, in the 12th century the viking invaders cut runes into the walls



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