war and peace

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what is conflict?
fighting, a state of discord or war.
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what is the term for a follow up to an action?
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what is peace?
an absence of conflict which leads to happiness and harmony.
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what is justice?
bringing about what is right and fair according to the law or making up for what has been done wrong.
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the idea that life is sacred because it is God-given is called what?
The Sanctity of life
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what is meditation?
the action or practise of meditating.
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what is pacifism?
the belief of people who refuse to take part in war or any form of violence.
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a person who refuses to take part in war is called?
a pacifist.
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what is a conscientious objector?
people who object to fighting in war because killing people is against their conscience.
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what campaign group is run by the Quakers and aims to work for peace using non-violent strategies?
'Turning the Tide'
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who are the quakers?
members of the Society of Friends, a christian denomenation.
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what is ahimsa?
the principle of non-violence towards all living things.
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who is Gandhi and what did he do?
a hindu who practised non-violence, he believed the only way to fight prejudice was peacefully.
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the form of non-violent resistance initiated in India by Gandhi in order to oppose british rule was called what?
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who is Martin Luther King?
he wanted black people to be treated fairly, he was determined to fight racism without using violence.
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what is non-violent resistance?
the practise of achieving goals through symbolic protests, without using violence.
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what is just war?
a war that christian churches define as acceptable; must fit a certain criteria.
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what is holy war?
fighting for a religious cause, or God, probably controlled by a religious leader.
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what is The Crusades?
a holy war undertaken in the middle ages on behalf of a religious cause.
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a christian theology that emphasizes liberation from social, political and economic oppression as an ultimate salvation is called?
liberation theology.
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what is the liberation theory?
the idea that God wants all people to enjoy freedom.
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Who is Oscar Romero?
Bishop of the Catholic Church in El Salvador.
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what is the Red Cross?
a humanitarian agency that helps people suffering from war or disasters.
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who was the red cross set up by and is it religious?
Henry Dunant in 1859. Non religious.
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what is the red crescent?
same as the red cross but predominantly found in muslim countries.
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what is the ICRC?
International commtee of the red cross
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who is the Dalai Lama
refused to consider violence to win back his country.
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what is the organisation set up at the end of WW2 to prevent war by discussing problems between countries?
United Nations
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what is NATO?
north atlantic treaty organisation, an alliance formed to prevent war in Europe.
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What was the 9/11 terrorist attack?
a attack on the US resulting in the collapse of the twin towers. Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist organisation caused much devastation.
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weapons that can kill large numbers of people and cause great damage are called?
weapons of mass destruction
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what do nuclear weapons do?
work by a nuclear reaction that devastates huge areas and kills large numbers of people.
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what do chemical weapons do?
use chemicals to poison, burn or paralyse humans and the natural environment.
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what do biological weapons do?
weapons that harm living organisms or contain infective material that can lead to disease or death.
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what is proliferation?
spreading to other countries and getting more numerous.
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what is unilateral disarmament?
a policy option, to renounce weapons without seeking equivalent concessions from ones actual or potential rivals.
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what is multilateral disarmament?
when several parties are involved in a conflict, agree to disarm at the same time.
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what is Pax Christi?
an international catholic peace movement.
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what is cnd?
campaign for nuclear disarmament- it is an anti nuclear organisation.
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what is a quote in favour of war?
Proclaim this among the nations: "prepare for war"
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what is a quote against war?
love your neighbour as yourself/you shall not kill/blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
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