GCSE Christianity

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God as Omnipotent, Loving and Just

Omnipotent- Almighty, having unlimited power; a quality of God.

Benevolent- All-loving, all-good; a quality of God.

Justice- Bringing about what is right and fair, according to the law, or making up for a wrong that has been commited.

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The Incarnation and Jesus, the son of God

Incarntion- becoming flesh, taking human form.

Ressurection- 1) rising from the dead; 2) Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Day.

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The Crucifixion

Crucifixion- 1) Roman method of execution by which criminals were fixed to a cross; 2) the execution and death of Jesus on Good Friday.

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The Resurrection and Ascension

Ascension- The event, 40 days after the resurrection, when Jesus returned to God, the Father, in heaven.

Heaven- a state of eternal happiness in the peace ruled over by God.

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The Afterlife and Judgement

Day of Judgement- A time when the world will end and every soul will be judged by Godand rewarded or punished.

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Heaven and Hell

Hell-The place of eternal suffering or th state of being without God.

Forgiveness- Showing grace and mercy and pardoning someone for what they have done wrong.

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The Design Argument

Design Argument-The argument that God designed the universe, because everything is so intricatly made in its detail that it could not of happened by chance.

Thiest-A person who believes in God.

Athiest-A person who believes that there is no God.

Agnostic-Someone who thiks there is not enough evidence for belief in God.

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Special Revelation and Enlightenment

The Divine-God, Gods or untimate reality.

Revelation-God showing himslef to believes; this is the only way anybody can really know anything about God.

Special Revelation-God making himself known through direct personal experience or through an unusal specific event.

Vision-Seeing something, especially in a dream or trance that shows something about the nature of God or the afterlife.

Enlightenment- The gaining of true knowledge about God or self, usually through meditation meditation and self-displine; in Buddhism and Hindu traditions, gaining freedom from the cycle of rebirth.

General Revelation-od making himself known through ordinary, common human experiences.

Scriptures-The sacred writings of a religion; for Christians these are the old and the new testement.

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Different Ideas about the Divine

Omniscient-Knowing everything; a quality of God.

Immanent- The idea that God is present and involved with life on earth and the universe; a quality of God.

Transcendent-The idea that God is beyond and outside life on earth and the universe; a quality of God.

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Reasons for War and the Just War

Self Defence-Acting to prevent harm to yourself or others.

Just War- A war which meets internationally accepted criteria for fairness; follows traditional Christian rules for a just war, and is now accepted by all other religions.

Holy War-Fighting for a religious cause or God, probably controlled by a religious leader.

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