advantages of multi ethnic society

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  • Benefits of Multi-Ethnic Society
    • less chance of war because people will get to know each other
      • its good for everyone living with people from different ethnic groups
    • people get to go to different restaurants and try different foods
      • it can make a more peaceful world as people learn to world alongside each other
    • people can learn about different cultures
      • children learn to grow up accepting one another
    • The area will become more diverse
    • People will become more accepting
      • people are more open and understanding
    • there will be more people to bring new ideas
      • people can widen their cultural knowledge
    • the society will be more progressive
      • helps people to realise that all ethnic groups are equal
    • you can see different types of fashion
    • people will mix more with other people
      • it can lead to less ignorance


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