Vietnam 1945-75 key terms

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the unwilling, led by the unqualified, and doing the unnecessary, for the ungrateful
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Ap Bac
first clash between ARVN and Vietcong
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Approval Rating
public opinion of presidential performance
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Army Of The Republic Of Vietnam
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Commitment Trap
each president after Truman bound to continue war
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Truman policy stop expansion of Communism
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illegal overthrow of government
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cross-over point
point Americans thought Communists would give up as losing men faster than Hanoi could replace
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Vietminh victory over French 1954
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favored less aggressive foreign policy
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US conscription
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Geneva Accords
split Vietnam 17th parallel 1956 elections
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opposite of Doves - aggressive Cold Warriors
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Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
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International Monetary Fund(IMF)
gives money to struggling countries
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Joint Chiefs Of Staff(JCS)
US army, navy, airforce chiefs
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Khe Sanh
1968 crucial battle PAVN vs US
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'the end justifies the means' - foreign policy = realpolitik
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Madman Theory
Nixon wanted Hanoi to think he was capable of anything - frighten them in to peace
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National Liberation Front
1960 onward name of Ho's supporters
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National Security Council
1947 act that set up CIA also established National Security Council - coordinated security - president, vice pres, sec of state, sec of defense, chief of JCS and CIA
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patriotic enthusiastic
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'kinder face' - France claimed to be granting independence to Vietnam rather than exploiting it
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'new look'
Republican policy promoting nukes over conventional forces
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peace with honour
Nixon slogan - Thieu's gov. stay in power in viable S.V state
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People's Army Of Vietnam(PAVN)
Formal name of Ho's army by 1956
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Popular mandate
evidence a political leader had majority supporting him/hr
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Post-Revisionist Interpretations
Both U.s + S.U were ambitious/aggressive had security concerns and frequent misunderstandings
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Quagmire Theory
US got slowly stuck in Vietnam
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realistic rather than moralistic or legalistic approach to foreign policy - foreign policy should be dictated by the people
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North South reunified 1975
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Revisionist interpretations
U.S desire to shape world in own image, conomic motivation behind U.S foreign policy, Marks+raw materials of s.e Asia motivated Roosevelt, Vietnam threat because Comm Nationalist revolution posed threat to global Capitalism, domino theory
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Eisenhower admin talked about increasing Truman's containment and aggressively pushing back Comm
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South East Asian Treaty Organisation 1954
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Stalemate Theory
US continued fighting to avoid being seen as defeated
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State Department
US continued fighting to avoid being seen as defeated
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Vietnamese new year - shorthand for Tet Offensive
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NLF after 1960
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HCM followers known Vietminh 1941
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Nixon - SV gov+forces take responsibility for war - failed
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war of attrition
Westmoreland thought US numerical+technological superiroity would force Hanoi to give up eventually
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watergate affair
Republicans authorised burglary and wiretapping of Democrat HQ - Nixon admin tried a cover up
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Wise Men
generals/politicians previously held high office consulted by Johnson over Vietnam
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Ap Bac


first clash between ARVN and Vietcong

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Approval Rating


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Commitment Trap


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