unit 5 key words

internal business communication
methods used within a business to communicate with other members of staff. methods such as memos
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external business communication
methods of communication used to communicate with customers. methods such as a phone or email
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informal communication
takes place outside the recognised communication channels. e.g between a friend
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formal communication
take place using the approved channels of communication. beween a manager
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mataining personal information private from unauthorised personell
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verbal communication
the exchange of information between participants using languange skills
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non-verbal communication
is data on individuals opinions tastes and preferences
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written communication
methods of communications that use written words such as letter to convey a message
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graphic communication
use of picture, charts an graps to convey a message.
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used to interpret qualititive information into qualititive information
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word processors
used to convey qualititive information in various methods.
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used to save neccesary information and alllow it to remain private
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body language
is a paerson's gestures, pose, movements, and expressions. these help a person to communicate.
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communication medium
is the platform used to deliver a communication to its intended reciever
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are internal electronic communication systems linking computers within a single business.
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downward communicaton
flows from higher to lower hierarchial levels. they are communications from superiors to subordinates
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upwards communication
flow from lower to higher organisatinal levels. they are communications from subordinates to superiors
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horizontal communications
flow between employees on the same hierachical level.
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Qulitative information
data on individual opinions, tastes and preference
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quantitative information
is measurable. it produces data that can be analysed in numerical form.
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Data protection act 1998
limit the use of an individuals personal data by businesses and sets out principles for storing the information
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data controller
is a person or organisation that stores personal data
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data subject
is a person whose data has been collected and stored
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information commisioner
is appointed offcial who supervises the enforcement of the data protection act.
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copyright, design and parents act 1988
includeds on the ownership and legality of copying and distributing software and manuals
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Gantt charts
are a diagrammatic method of scheualing task to complete an activity
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work plans
ra elists of tasks that are neccessary in oreder to complete a project
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critical path analysis
is a method of schedualing tasks so a project can be completed in the minimum amount of time
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computer misuse act 1990
defines crimes arising from inappropriate usage of computers such as hacking, fraud, data misuse and distributition of viruses
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health and safety (display screen equipment regulations 1992
was introduced to rpotect employees using computers in their work
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external business communication


methods of communication used to communicate with customers. methods such as a phone or email

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informal communication


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formal communication


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