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physical element of a crime
actus reus
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state of affairs case
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Indirect act
booby trap
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Direct link from the defendant's conduct to the consequence
chain of causation
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mental element of an offence
mens rea
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A lower level of mens rea than intention
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maximum sentence under S47 of OAPA
Five years
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definition of a wound
cutting of the whole skin
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Two offences which involve wounding or grevious bodily harm
S20 and S18
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Least serious offences
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3 ways in which Bail can be granted
police, magistrates, crown court
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bail can be refused for this reason
defendant would commit further offences
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plea before venue applies to this classification of offence
triable either way offences
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Defendants are more likely to be acquitted at this court
Crown Court
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Intended to prevent other potential offenders from committing crime
general deterrence
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This is one of the aims of sentencing
protection of the public
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Aimed at compensating the victim of a crime
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Type of custodial sentence
suspended sentence
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Form of community order
alcohol treatment
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Widely used for first-time minor offenders
conditional discharges
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mitigating factor that can be taken into account
genuine remorse
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meaning of the word 'tort'
civil wrong
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In this case,it was not forseeable that the claimant would suffer harm
bourhill v young
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The test used to determine whether there has been a breach of duty
reasonable man
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Take your victim as you find them
thin skull rule
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In this case, the damage was too remote
The wagon mound
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argument used by the court to avoid imposing a duty of care
floodgates argument
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claimant was paralysed when a boat fell on him.
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In this case, the type of injury was foreseeable
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duty exists if the relationship between defendant and claimant is sufficiently close
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state of affairs case



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Indirect act


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Direct link from the defendant's conduct to the consequence


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mental element of an offence


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