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RETRIBUTION ­ Punishing the offender for the act he has committed. This will normally apply
to serious offences, such as murder. The offender is seen to receive their `just desserts' or
an `eye for an eye'. "Let the punishment fit the crime."
DENUNCIATION ­ This means…

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Reports on the offender
Antecedents report ­ Criminal records, bail record, etc (for prison)
Pre-sentence report ­ Education, employment, personal background, etc (community order)
Medical/financial status ­ Mental disorders, financial status, etc. (for fines)

Aggravating and mitigating factors
The judge will weight up whether offence details and reports are A…

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Unpaid work ­ 40-300 hours of work to be completed within 12 months. E.g. gardens,
Programme ­ To be completed within 3 years. E.g. anger management, confidence building.
Curfew ­ Remain at a specified place for a space of time per day.
Exclusion ­ Not allowed in a specific…




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