unit 1

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types of computer systems
multi-functional devices, personal computers, mobile devices
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hardware used in computer systems
input devices,output devices
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input devices
keyboard, mouse, webcam, microphone, joystick
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output devices
printers, screens, projectors, speakers
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input/output devices
some devices are both input and output : USB, joystick
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storage devices part a
internal storage : hard disk drives, solid state drives
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storage device part b
external hard drive, usb flash drives, server, cloud, sd cards, dvd's
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factors affecting choice of hardware
user experience, ease of use, performance, availability, accessibility
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data storage and recovery systems
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types of operating systems
real-time operating system, single-user operating system, multi-user operating system
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Von neumann architecture
von neumann architecture computers have a single processor that uses the fetch-execute cycle to run code from this memory
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Harvard architecture
an alternative to Von neumann, uses separate memory for programs and data. it is used with embedded computer systems in devices such as personal video recorders (PVR) and Arduino.
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uniform memory access and non uniform memory access
multi purposecomputer systems
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hardware used in computer systems


input devices,output devices

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input devices


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output devices


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input/output devices


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If you want to understand this, it's recommended to learn about Arduino, so I think I helped you

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