BTEC ICT Computers

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  • Computers
    • Why use them
      • They are much faster than humans.
      • They never get tired or need to rest
      • They can do jobs that may be dangerous for humans to do.
      • They store loads of information in one place.
      • They can find information quicker then humans.
      • They never lose or miss place any information.
    • Input
      • This stage is concerned with getting data that is needed by the program into the computer.
      • Input devices are used to do this process.
        • The most common devices used are the mouse and the keyboard.
    • Processing
      • The instructions about what to do with the input are contained in a program.
      • During the processing stage the computer follows these instructions using the data which has just been input.
      • What the computer produces at the end of this stage is called output.
    • Output
      • It is concerned with producing processed data as information so that it is useful for the user.
      • The most commonly used output devices are the screen, which is also called a monitor or visual display unit (VDU) and the printer.


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