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2. Tubes 4 and 8, the reactants are NAD+ and glutamate and the products are oxoglutarate. What was the reaction?

  • no reaction
  • deamination
  • transamination

3. What does glutamate dehydrogenase do?

  • catalyses the oxidative deamination of glutamate
  • catalyses the oxidation of glutarate
  • moves amino acids between glutamate and glutamic acid

4. Which of these is true?

  • in this experiment, we separate amino acids on one plate using one solvent mixture and oxoacid derivatives on another plate with a different solvent mixture
  • in this experiment, we separate amino acids and oxoacids on the same plate, due to the ability of one solvent mixture to separate these simultaneously.

5. What does this produce?

  • A new amino acid and a new 2-oxo acid
  • Two amino acids and a floating amino group


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