The Neuromuscular Junction - Medicine BM5 NLM1

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1. True or false: An action potential in the motor neuron will always result in a muscle contraction?

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  • 1966
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2. Where are the greatest potentials recorded?

  • At the NMJ
  • At the end of the muscle fibre (furthest from the NMJ)
  • In the middle of the muscle fibre
  • At the pre-synaptic terminal

3. What range of muscle fibres can one LMN innervate?

  • 10-1000 muscle fibres
  • 10-10000 muscle fibres
  • 1000-10000 muscle fibres
  • 1-100 muscle fibres

4. Activation of the nicotinic type II receptors causes what?

  • Opening of voltage-gated sodium channels
  • Opening of voltage-gated calcium channels
  • Activation of G-protein coupled sodium-dependent receptor
  • Activation of G-protein coupled calcium-dependent receptor

5. True or false: increasing the frequency of stimuli will result in summation of the EPP and increased tension in the muscle?

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  • 1918


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