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2. 'War Photographer' is about...?

  • A war photographer whom sadly passed away.
  • Pictures of nature and how significant they are.
  • Contrast between the war zones and safety back home, and the way people do not understand the truth.
  • Depression at war.

3. Which poem has graphic imagery of death in gory detail - implication of his 'guts'?

  • Bayonet Charge
  • Charge of the Light Brigade
  • Remains
  • Tissue

4. Remains has an unusual irregular line legnth and rhyme scheme - why is this?

  • He is confessing - he is sadened and blering it out.
  • He is a foreign soldier so his english isn't well.
  • Poet liked to do it as he was an unusual person.
  • To emphasise it all.

5. What is the poet, of 'War Photographer', trying to emphasise?

  • How soldiers and war photogrpahers get paid less than footballers.
  • How mean war photogrpahers are to others; how they are all about gossip.
  • How out of touch people are with the truth of war; how the job is life changing and destructive.
  • How the war doesn't give enough money and credit to war photographers.




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It's a very good resource (test)



I think Iraq v iran was the best power and conflict poem



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