The Importance of ATP

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1. Why is ATP given this description?

  • It is used by all cells to power their reactions
  • It is found everywhere in the universe
  • It's what cells use to pay eachother
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2. Which of these is a use of ATP?

  • All of these!
  • Muscular contraction
  • Powering sodium-potassium pumps at the cell membrane
  • Biosynthesis

3. ATP is described as the...

  • Universal energy currency
  • Cellular power supply
  • Powerhouse of the cell
  • Cellular electricity

4. Chemiosmosis refers to...

  • The flow of protons down an electrochemical gradient, through ATP synthase, coupled with the synthesis of ATP from ADP and a phosphate ion
  • The fl

5. Which of these is NOT an important property of ATP?

  • It is easily hydrolysed to release energy
  • It releases energy efficiently, in usable quantities
  • It is used in muscular contraction
  • It's inert
  • It can easily leave the mitochondria and enter the cytoplasm
  • It is easily reformed via phosphorylation


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