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ATP: Why is it useful

  • releases energy in small amounts
  • broken down in one step process
  • makes energy available rapidly
  • phosphorylates
  • can be reformed/made again (recycled)
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Light dependent reaction

  • Light excites/ raises energy level of electrons in chlorophyll
  • chlorophyll emitts excited electron
  • electrons pass down electron transport chain
  • (electrons) reduce carriers/ passage involves redox 
  • Energy released
  • ATP generated from ADP and Pi
  • photolysis of water provides the electron to recharge chlorophyll molecule
  • h+ ions then reduce NADP using the electron from end of electron transport chain
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Light Independent reaction

  • Carbon dioxide combines with ribulose biphosphate/ RuBP
  • To produce two molecules of GP
  • Reduced to TP which
  • requires reduced NADP and
  • energy from ATP
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If you remove the light from calvin cycle...

  • If ATP and NADP removed
  • no energy to turn GP to TP 
  • so no carbs produced from TP 
  • + so no respiration
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Why is it important for plants to respire and phot

  • In the dark no ATP produced in photosynthesis
  • Some tissues unable to produce ATP 
  • ATP cant move from cell to cell
  • plant uses more ATP than is produced in photosythesis
  • ATP required for active trasport 
  • ATP used for synthesis of amino acids
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