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2. Who attended the Yalta and Potsdam conferences?

  • At the Yalta conference Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin attended but at the Potsdam conference Attlee, Truman and Stalin attended due to Roosevelt dying and Churchill losing the election.
  • Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini attended both conferences
  • Leaders from all major powers in Europe
  • Rasputin and Tsar Nicholas II

3. What was Cominform?

  • Something
  • Having established Communist governments in Eastern Europe Stalin wanted to tighten his control. Cominform 1947. This co-ordinated governments in Eastern Europe. He gave out instructions to Communist governments as to what they must do.
  • nothing

4. What was agreed at Yalta in February 1945?(Germany was not yet defeated)

  • That the allies would surrender the war
  • In Yalta managed to agree to split Germany into four zones of occupation, to allow free elections in Eastern European countries. Russia was invited to join the United Nations, Russia promised to join the war against Japan when Germany was defeated.
  • Germany was to be destroyed after they were defeated

5. What was agreed at Potsdam in July 1945(Germany had been defeated)

  • mass holocaust of all Germans
  • nothing was agreed
  • Arguments about the boundaries between the zones, amount of reparations Russia wanted to take, Truman was angry as Stalin had arrested the non-communist leaders of Poland, Stalin was furious that Truman dropped the A-bomb and not told him about it/
  • Germany would have to be blown off the face of the earth


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