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2. What was Marshall aid?

  • General George Marshall made a plan to save Europe from communism.Marshall Aid took the form of fuel, raw materials, goods, loans and food, machinery and advisers. It jump-started rapid European economic growth, and stopped the spread of Communism.
  • Its made up
  • The proposal the George Marshall made to nuke the whole world

3. What was happening behind the 'curtains'

  • the Soviets were helping themselves to the raw materials and industrial resources of occupied nations.
  • the Soviets were partying and drinking vodka
  • They were making a super army

4. What was agreed at Potsdam in July 1945(Germany had been defeated)

  • mass holocaust of all Germans
  • Arguments about the boundaries between the zones, amount of reparations Russia wanted to take, Truman was angry as Stalin had arrested the non-communist leaders of Poland, Stalin was furious that Truman dropped the A-bomb and not told him about it/
  • Germany would have to be blown off the face of the earth
  • nothing was agreed

5. What was Cominform?

  • Something
  • Having established Communist governments in Eastern Europe Stalin wanted to tighten his control. Cominform 1947. This co-ordinated governments in Eastern Europe. He gave out instructions to Communist governments as to what they must do.
  • nothing


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