Impact of Atomic Bomb on US-Soviet Relations


Impact of Atomic Bomb on US-Soviet Relations


  • Truman was more confident and determined in the negotians at Potsdam
  • Countries of Western Europe felt more secure placing themselves under American protection rather that Soviet
  • Mutally Assured Destruction meant that both the USA and the Soviet Union more reluctant to go to war


  • Did not persuade Stalin to allow Eastern Europe countries to have more freedom
  • Stalin was more determined to create a buffer zone between Germany and Soviet Union's western borders.
  • USA nuclear monopoly did not last.  Soviet created an atomic bomb 4 years later. By 1964, Britain, France and China also ad the atomic bomb


Bomb dramatically increased Cold War tensions but the terrible consequences of using an atomic bomb made both sides more reluctant to go to war. It led to the arms race.


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