The cold war

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1. What was the Yalta conference

  • a group of people who tried to leave the Warsaw pact
  • a meeting where Stalin, Churchill and Rosavelt met to sort out to fate of europe
  • a meeting where Stalin , Churchill and Rosavekt worked together to kill Hitler
  • a meeting that HItler attended in Yalta
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2. who was Fidel castro

  • -
  • a capitalist rebel who took over cuba and attacked USA
  • a communist rebel who took over cuba and traded with Russia
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3. What was the Iron fist

  • when Stalin tightened his fist on coutries keeping watch on them
  • when Stalin killed everyone who disagreed with him
  • when Hitler came to power
  • wehn Stalin became more popular

4. What did the soviets try to use cuba as

  • a place to bomb
  • their land
  • a missile base
  • a home

5. What did the Berlin wall stop

  • -
  • people from going from west to east
  • people from going from east to west
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