The 1952 Presidential Election

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1. What did Eisenhower say in his major speech towards the end of the campaign?

  • He would perosnally arrest the first 150 found communists
  • That he'd go to Korea and end the war
  • That he would wipe communism off the face of America
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2. Which candiate was a compromise?

  • Democrat
  • Rupblican

3. Why was Stevenson dubbed egghead?

  • He was egged by one of the other runners
  • Due to being bald and his intellect
  • Due to enjoying a hardboiled egg for breakfast every morning
  • Due to being bald

4. How did Eisenhower campaign?

  • Attacking "Korea, Communism and Corruption"
  • Attacking "the reds under the bed"
  • Supporting the idea that he will destory communism

5. Who was the Republican nomination?

  • Douglous McArthur
  • Robert Taft
  • Dwight Einsenhower
  • Earl Warren


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