Timeline from 1941-75 USA in SE Asia

A timeline from 1941-75. Was made for edexcel module USA in Asia.

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US Domestic US Wider World UN
North Korea South Korea North
Vietnam South Vietnam
USSR China
1941-Ho Chi Minh organises the Vietminh.
1945-Japan surrender.
1945-Korea partitioned between the USA and USSR.
1945-The Franco-Vietminh War begins.
February 1946-Kennan's Long Telegram.
March 1947-Truman Doctrine.
July 1947-National Security Council set up.
1948-Korea officially divided.
1949-The elections that are meant to happen in Korea never do and the USA
and USSR leave.
1949-China turns communist.
1949-USSR get their own Nuclear Weapons.
1950-China and USSR sign Mutual Assistance Pact.
1950-US start funding the French in the Franco-Vietminh War.
January 1950-Defensive Perimeter Strategy.
April 1950-NSC 68.
25 June 1950-NK invades SK.
27 June 1950-UN passes resolution to create UNC forces to defend SK.
29 July 1950-Walker creates defence line around the Pusan Perimeter.
15 September 1950-Inchon Landings. Seoul is taken back.
1 October 1950-38 parallel in reinstated as dividing line.
7 October 1950-Decision to rollback.
10 October 1950-Chinese warn US they will enter War if they continue North.
14 October 1950-Chinese make decision to enter the war.
15 October 1950-MacArthur tells Truman that war will be over by Christmas.
28 October 1950-First battle between the UNC and Chinese.
November 1950-Mid term elections in USA.
25 November 1950-UNC forces get cut off in NK.

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January 1950-UN Three Person Armistice Committee laid out 5 principles to
ending war.
17 January 1951-China rejected these principles.
April 1951-MacArthur is removed.
1951-Attrition introduced.
May 1951-Operation Strangle.
10 July 1951-negotiations for end of war began at Kaesong.
August 1951-Talks breakdown.
September 1951-ANZUS created.
November 1952-Eisenhower is elected as President in US.
March 1953-Stalin dies.
May 1953-Increased air attacks on NK.
July 1953-Ceasfire agreed and 38 th
parallel reinstated.
1954-SEATO created.
May 1954-French surrender at Dien Bien Phu.
8 May 1954-Geneva Conference.…read more

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August 1964-Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution.
November 1964-LBJ wins Presidential race.
February 1965-Pleiku Incident.
March 1965-Operation Rolling Thunder.
March 1965-Troops introduced to Vietnam.
November 1965-Battle of Ia Drang.
January 1968-Tet Offensive.
16 March 1968-My Lai Massacre.
31 March 1968-LBJ announces he will not run for President and will stop
bombing NV.
May 1968-Peace Talks arranged.
November 1968-Nixon wins Presidential election.
January 1969-"Four Party" talks begin.
March 1969-Operation Menu.
June 1969-Nixon announces first troops to be withdrawn.
15 October 1969-Vietnam Moratorium.
November 1969-Nixon's silent majority speech.…read more

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August 1974-Nixon resigns as President after Watergate Scandal.
April 1975-North and South Vietnam are unified.…read more


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