Eisenhower as long-term cause of Vietnam War

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  • Eisenhower as long-term cause of Vietnam War
    • Attitude during Bien Dien Phu
      • Gave French aid $385 million worth of armaments
      • Considered SE Asia vital to US security
      • Until 19534 paid French to fight Communism
      • Seriously considered air strike against VM at Fr behest but never did
    • During 1952 presidential campaign, rejected containment in favour of rollback concerning Communism
      • However, by 1954, hadn't liberated single person from Communism
    • Domino Theory
      • Said Vt was vitally important to America as if it fell, so might other countries fall to Communism
        • Haunted Johnson
    • In private considered lightning American air strike at Dien Bien Phu in unmarked planes as they 'would have to deny it forever'
      • Never did though
    • Eisenhower considered military action in Vt jungle impossible for French and American troops
    • Did not place troops on mainland Asia due to gaining popularity one year ago for escaping Korean war
    • Would not support French due to America's tradition of being anti-colonialist ('strongest reason of all' according to Eisenhower to stay out)
    • Was Vietnam 'Eisenhower's War' and his role in Vietnam war?
      • Wanted to increase US involvement (only GB allies prevented this with reluctance from Churchill who feared WW3)
      • Guaranteed SV (when he should've ensured free and fair elections)
      • Supported strong government in Saigon (strength rather than democracy)
      • Eisenhower gave Diem large American Aid and 150,000 advisers
      • Eisenhower made Vietnam more important to US than it had been to Truman


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