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1. What is the process of making regenerated fibres?

  • Taken from cellulose, chemicals added to make it a gloopy texture and pushed through a spinneret to make continuous filaments
  • Spun via a sewing machine
  • Taken from an animal, pushed through a spinneret to make gloopy texture creating continuous filaments
  • Spun via hand
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2. What are staple fibres?

  • Short in length
  • Metal staples inserted into fabrics
  • Long in length

3. What is done to manufactured fibres to create the same affect as natural ones?

  • Flattened
  • Left as they are
  • The fibres are cut short to give same effects
  • Cut thin

4. What are some examples of a regenerated fibres?

  • Elastane, polyamide, acrylic
  • Visocose, acetate, modal
  • Wool, polyester, PVC
  • Cotton, silk, linen

5. What is the exception to natural fibres being staple fibres?

  • Silk is the only natural fibre that is a filament
  • Silk is a staple fibre
  • Cotton is the only natural fibre that is a filament
  • Linen is the only natural that is a filament


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