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2. Give some examples of synthetic fibres?

  • Goretex
  • Wool, cashmere, silk
  • Polyester, polyamide, PVC
  • Cotton, linen

3. What is done to manufactured fibres to create the same affect as natural ones?

  • Flattened
  • The fibres are cut short to give same effects
  • Cut thin
  • Left as they are

4. What is the process of making synthetic fibres called?

  • Polygloop
  • Polystation
  • Polymeristation
  • Polymix

5. What are some examples of a regenerated fibres?

  • Elastane, polyamide, acrylic
  • Cotton, silk, linen
  • Visocose, acetate, modal
  • Wool, polyester, PVC


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