Temple of Mars Ultar

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1. What purpose did the temple serve?

  • Allowed the plebs a place to meet
  • Acted as a law forum to decrease the load of cases on other courts
  • Acted as a senate house to show restoration of the republic
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2. Which of these was not made into a cult statue and placed inside of the temple?

  • Apollo
  • Mars
  • Julius Caesar
  • Venus

3. What did the pediment show?

  • Imperial family
  • Characters from the foundation of Rome
  • Return of the lost eagles

4. Why was Augustus thanking Mars?

  • Defeat of Brutus and Cassius at Phillpi
  • Saved him from execution
  • Success over Cleopatra and Ptolemiac Egypt

5. What was the temple made of?

  • Normal Limestone
  • Luna marble
  • Limestone


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