ara pacis

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  • ara pacis
    • erected on Campus Martius 13BC-9BC to celebrate Augustus' return from Gaul
    • north and south wall
      • depicts the procession of Augustus and his family with members of the priestly colleges.
        • is shown himself to be slightly removed from the others- but still unified.
        • ZANKER:'in essence here we are seeing the newly constituted leading aristocracy of Rome as it wished, at least outwardly, to be cosily identified with the new order.'
      • also scrolling acanthus frieze- with animals etc
        • included greek key
        • frieze links to parthenon
    • east wall
      • shows a woman with 2 babies. could represent mother earth of Italy- fruit in her lap and animals at her feet.
        • could also represent venus
        • swan- attributed animal of Apollo.
      • symbols of contentment and abundance
      • animals and vegetation represent fertility and prosperity.
        • sea and air also depicted
    • Corinthian style capitel- pillar with acanthus capitol.
      • winged lions and also the curly volutes.
    • roma- weapons etc. celebration of Rome's military victory. east wall?
    • inside- sacrificial bowls, garlands with fruit and leaves. also skulls of animals. festoonsBUCRANIA
    • west wall
      • shows two young boys with older man. there is a pig. this could represent Aeneas and the prophecy.OR MARS- temple
      • entrance
      • romulus and remus depicted on same wall.
    • themes
      • family- children etc. imperial family. also shows Augustus' links to importantindividuals.
      • peace and war or peace through war.
        • roma and mars etc
      • rome and its history
        • tradition


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