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  • building program.
    • aims
      • intended to provide for the obvious needs of the people
      • wanted to glorify his family name and promote the prestige of the empire.
        • heir of julian clan
      • augustus as creator of new order.
    • agrippa and Tiberius responsible for a large number of constructions.
    • building materials: volcanic tufa, travertine, roman bricks. also used carrara marble and other marbles from mediterranean.
    • restoration of many temples- 28BC- 82 temples restored. also restored theatre of pompey without giving it his own name.
      • completed Forum iulium and Basilica Julia.
    • circus flaminias, portico
    • seperated into secular and sacred.
    • most lavish structures were those that were closely associated with Augustus- apollo and mars ultor.
    • Agrippa and the aqueducts0 he imported fresh water supply in the Aqua Virgo- gave Rome its first public baths. Also a park constructed nearby.
      • he also constructed the temple of Agrippa- to commemorate augustus he put a statue of A in porch.
      • Aqua virgo contructed in 19B. mighty arches of aqueducts helped shame image of city.
    • temples of Jupiter
      • jupiter the thunderer
        • julian clan- his narrow escape from a lightning bolt. this commemorates his own escape.
      • Jiupiter OMC- optimus maximus capitolinas
      • temple of Jupiter Libertas
        • shows that he looked after the plebs
    • temple of Apollo: celebrates Actium- victory in war.
    • temple of the Great Mother- did not want to be seen to worship gods that had not already been assimilated into Roman culture.
    • most important buildings:
      • the forum of Augustus
      • the  Ara Pacis- 13-9BC
      • the prima porta


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