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    • reasons for revival of ancient customs
      • he wanted to strengthen the new regime and bring about permanent improvement.
        • this gained him the support of the pious conservativesand also those that believed the mistakes in the past were due to negligence of the gods
      • he also wanted to glorify himself and the julian family whilst also promoting loyalty and unity within the empire.
    • secular games
      • celebrated in 17Bc to mark the beginning of the new 'golden age'- it acclaimed the restoration of peace, prosperity and traditional values of Romans.
      • augustus  was promoting the gods linked with his family- venus, mars and apollo.
    • the cult of Caesar worship
      • began in 12Bc- Julius Casear deified.- lots of cults etc
      • hellenistic practices: in hellenic provinces in east- they worshipped the ruler as a god.
      • combined practices of east and west- DID NOT ENCOURAGE WORSHIP OF HIMSELF.
        • there were unofficial municipal cults centred around Augustus.
      • spread the cult of Rome and Augustus:
        • his name was linked with that of rome.
          • allowed the worship of Rome and Augustus in the provinces  where temples were built to the personification of Rome and the imperial family.
      • people worshipped the genius of augustus.
        • he associated this worship with the worship of the lares- the people regarded him as their guardian.
          • the lares guarded crossroads where there were shrines. the city was divided into 265 ares each with a shrine.
    • he revived priestly colleges
      • paid particular attention to the vestals
      • defunct brotherhoods, festivals such as the lupercalia, and also appointments.
      • he became a member of each college and pontifex maximus in 12BC
    • he built new temples
      • to jupiter feretrius, jupiter the thunderer, quirinus, minerva, the Great Mother, Apollo, Divine Julius and Mars the Avenger.
      • in his 6th consulship he restored 82 temples in Rome- 28BC. he also repaired shrines.
    • he made official the worship of deities which had emerged during the civil war- fortune peace and mercury
      • he associated his name with them so that they were worshipped as Fortuna Augusta, Pax Augusta and Mercurius Augusta.
    • he suppressed the worship of more alien cults such as druidism. the worship of isis and serapis was banned within Rome. he was tolerant towards the jews.


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