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2. Where do they occur

  • Plate boundries
  • Anywhere
  • Continental plates
  • Oceanic plates

3. What movement causes Earthquakes?

  • convection currents
  • Sudden releases of pressure
  • friction

4. Name the secondry impatcs to this Primary one: The ground is shaking-buildings fall

  • Injury and death - broken families -stress - homelessness - no job
  • emergancy services cannot reach affected areas Hard to get aid in(Cracks in roads open up and railways distroyed)
  • Carry away buildings, block roads, floods - death (land slides, tsunami)
  • fires break out - hydrants dont work - sewage may contaminate (sewage systems, gas and water mains broken

5. What can people do to prepare?

  • Run away
  • Gather emergency supplies and organise shelter elsewhere
  • Deal with it


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