Summary notes based on tectonics.

These notes include information on the structure of the earth, tectonic plates, plate margins, earthquake/volcano distribution and how countries respond to earthquakes etc.

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Tectonics summary notes:
Structure of the earth:
Inner core-centre of the earth
Outer core
Tectonic plates:
The earth's crust is divided into 12 large sections called tectonic plates. There are two
types of plates-continental and oceanic. Continental plates contain the world's
landmasses. They are older, lighter and thicker than oceanic plates.
Plates move as a result of convection currents in the mantle.
Diagrams of Plate margins:
This diagram shows how a destructive plate margin moves
and causes natural disasters such as earthquakes and
This diagram shows how a conservative plate margin moves
as the plates slide past each other and causes earthquakes.
Diagrams of plate margins continued:

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This diagram shows how a collision plate margin moves
and the tectonic plates move towards each other to
cause Fold Mountains.
This diagram shows how a constructive plate margin, the
plates move away from each other and cause volcanoes
and earthquakes.
Plate margins:
Margin Description Hazard or Example Case study
Destructive Where an Volcanoes and Pacific plate, Kobe
oceanic plate earthquakes. Philippines earthquake.…read more

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Fold Eurasian Eruption of
continental mountains. plate. Mount
plate because Pinatubo.
the oceanic
plate is
heavier is sub
ducts under
Conservative Where two Earthquakes Juan de fuca California
plates slide plate and earthquake.
past each north
other. American
Collision Where two Fold Indo-Australia Construction
continental mountains n plate and of the
plates move Eurasian Himalayan
towards each plate. mountains.
other.…read more


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