TB9, L4 - Adolescence

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1. Self esteem is a protective factor against:

  • High risk behaviour and alcohol/drug use
  • Delinquency, depression and alcohol/drug use
  • Delinquency, depression and high risk behaviour
  • None of the above
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2. What effect did Verkyten and Slooter (2008) study?

  • Difference in freedom of speech between Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Difference in Chinese and American parental conflicts
  • How moral reasoning changes with age
  • How high risk behaviour is influenced by self esteem

3. According to Marcia, 'no commitment/crisis experienced' leads to what?

  • Identity confused
  • Moratorium
  • Identity achieved
  • Foreclosure

4. Elkind (1967) hypothesised that...

  • Friendships are the most significant contributor to self esteem
  • None of the above
  • Adolescents have a form of egocentrism whereby they believe their own experience was separate to that of others
  • High self esteem leads to increased risk of behavioural problems

5. One reason that adolescents performed worse on a TOM task than adults is:

  • Their executive function was not as developed
  • All of the above
  • They were hindered by their egocentric perspective
  • They did not fully understand the task


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