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2. What are the three components of executive control processes?

  • Simulating behaviour, reasoning behaviour, decision making
  • Anticipation, decision making, inhibiting behaviour
  • Initating and shifting behaviour, Inhibiting behaviour, Simulating behaviour
  • Inhibiting behaviour, choosing behaviour, anticipating behaviour

3. What is the ventromedial prefrontal cortex important for?

  • Preventing information from interfering with processing
  • How to interact appropriately with others and objects and establish links between stimuli and actions
  • Selection of desired behaviour and information
  • Creating a mental model of the world. Ability to recognise and create rules for behaviour generalisable across contexts

4. What is 'Default mode' behaviour?

  • When regulation and maintenance of posture has not yet been learned
  • When inhibition of automatic processing has not yet been learned
  • When inhibition of spontaneous movement has not yet been learned
  • When inhibition of controlled processing has not yet been learned

5. What activates DLPFC and parietal cortex?

  • No-go stimuli
  • Wisconsin card task
  • Rey Figure Copy task
  • Towers of Hanoi


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