TB9 BB Lecture 3;How do we decide to act?

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1. What is the ventromedial prefrontal cortex important for?

  • Selection of desired behaviour and information
  • How to interact appropriately with others and objects and establish links between stimuli and actions
  • Creating a mental model of the world. Ability to recognise and create rules for behaviour generalisable across contexts
  • Preventing information from interfering with processing
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2. How do you learn behaviours?

  • Repetition and rehearsel
  • Executive control and attentional control
  • Operant and classical conditioning
  • Simulation and rehearsel

3. What is processed by anterior regions of DLPFC?

  • Anticipatory behaviours
  • Behavioural initiation and selection
  • Behavioural reasoning
  • Behavioural preparation

4. Which of these is NOT a brain region involved in executive control?

  • Caudate nucleus and putamen
  • ACC
  • Posterior parietal cortex
  • Basal ganglia
  • Ventromedial PFC

5. Symptoms of abulia resulting from lateral damage to the PFC include?

  • Inability to select motor behaviours (frontal dysexecutive syndrome) and no coherent behaviours
  • An inability to learn from past behaviour and no coherent behaviours
  • Lethargy, quiet withdrawal, inability to deal with metaphors, unable to do towers of Hanoi.
  • No spontaneous behaviours and inability to select motor behaviours (frontal dysexecutive syndrome)


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