TB9 BB Lecture 3;How do we decide to act?

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1. Which of these do NOT typically exhibit default mode behaviours?

  • Healthy adults
  • Children
  • Adults with pre-frontal cortex damage
  • Animals with no or small pre-frontal cortexes
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2. Which areas contain representations of sequences of movements?

  • Premotor and supplementary motor areas
  • Cerebellum and subthalamic areas
  • Basal ganglia circuits and premotor areas
  • Spinal cord and subthalamic areas

3. What are parietal control systems which activate to behavioural actions related to the stimulus (not just the stimulus) involved in?

  • WM
  • Allocation of attention
  • TOM and empathy
  • Allocation of STM and LTM processes

4. Frontal lobes seem to play a critical role in...?

  • Anticipatory autonomic responses
  • Determining information, anticipation, reasoning
  • Only moral decision making
  • Spatial navigation, allocentric and egocentric representations

5. What does bilateral ventromedial PFC damage result in?

  • Frontal disinhibition syndrome and failures in learning stimulus-reward contingency
  • Cerebellar ataxia
  • Psychopathy and failures in learning stimulus-reward contingency
  • Narcisissm personality disorder


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