TB8 P&C Lecture 1; Face Perception

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1. In Rhodes et al (2010), which faces were pps better at discriminating between after adaptation?

  • Faces of their own race
  • Faces of the opposite race
  • The faces of the race adapted
  • The faces of the race not adapted to
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2. What are the two main premises of the grandmother cell hypothese?

  • Globality and localisation
  • Specificity and globality
  • Specificity and generalisation
  • Generalisation and localisation

3. Which area in the visual system processes edges?

  • V1
  • V2
  • AIT
  • V4
  • PIT

4. Which area in the visual system processes contours?

  • AIT
  • V1
  • V4
  • V2
  • PIT

5. What would characterise object centred coding?

  • Generalised response regardless of viewpoint
  • Preferential responding to different angles/viewpoints of a face


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