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2. What was associated with higher happiness levels in a study by Hayes and Joseph (2003)?

  • High extraversion, low neuroticism
  • High extraversion
  • Low neuroticism, high conscientiousness
  • Low agreeableness

3. How many factors of personality are in Cattells model?

  • 16PF
  • 15PF
  • 5PF
  • 7PF

4. What makes the trait approach different from the type approach?

  • None of the above
  • Traits are stable and types are in flux
  • Traits lie on a continuum whilst types are discrete categories
  • The Trait approach is theoretically more plausible than the type approach

5. What is the main proposition of Eysencks theory of personality?

  • Fundamental traits are biologically based, but environment influences how they are expressed
  • Personality traits are relatively stable and only reflect temperement
  • Fundamental traits are environmentally based, but biology influences how they are expressed
  • Personality is based on the formation of the nervous system


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