TB7 SPA Lecture 2; The Trait Approach to Personality

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1. What was associated with social media 'badmouthing' in a study by Stoughton et al 2013?

  • Low agreeableness
  • Low neuroticism, high conscientiousness
  • High extraversion
  • High extraversion, low neuroticism
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2. What did Eysenck propose neuroticism was related to?

  • The structure of the nervous system
  • The reactivity of the nervous system (low)
  • The reactivity of the nervous system (high)
  • The function of the nervous system

3. What were Goldberg et al's 5 features of personality (Trait descriptors)

  • Openness, extraversion, love, work, power
  • Love, work, affect, power, intellect
  • Psychoticism, neuroticism, narcissism, extraversion, machiavellianism
  • Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism

4. What are the 3 categories of traits in Allports lexical approach?

  • Source, Surface, Cardinal
  • Cardinal, Central, Secondary
  • Primary, Surface, Source
  • Primary, Cardinal, Secondary

5. What makes the trait approach different from the type approach?

  • Traits lie on a continuum whilst types are discrete categories
  • None of the above
  • Traits are stable and types are in flux
  • The Trait approach is theoretically more plausible than the type approach


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