TB7 SPA Lecture 2; The Trait Approach to Personality

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1. What did female faces correlate with in research by Penton-Voak et al (2006)?

  • Extraversion, neuroticism, openness
  • Conscientiousness and openness
  • Only extraversion
  • Only neuroticism
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2. Who was one of the first to use factor analysis in personality traits?

  • Cattell
  • Spearman
  • Allport
  • Binet

3. What do Cattells 'Environmental mold' traits refer to?

  • Genetic traits (uncommon)
  • Environmental traits (uncommon)
  • Experience (common)
  • Genetic traits (common)

4. What was associated with social media photos of substance abuse in a study by Stoughton et al 2013?

  • High extraversion
  • Low agreeableness
  • Low neuroticism, high conscientiousness
  • High extraversion, low neuroticism

5. What was associated with higher happiness levels in a study by Hayes and Joseph (2003)?

  • High extraversion, low neuroticism
  • High extraversion
  • Low neuroticism, high conscientiousness
  • Low agreeableness


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