TB5 Lecture 1; The Self and the Other

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1. What did the enlightenment mean for the Self?

  • That self understanding was scientifically orientated, pushed for a more scientific understanding of the world and influenced by political change.
  • The impossibility of complete self knowledge, the self emerges through conflict with unconscious forces which cannot be understood.
  • The purpose of the self was religion orientated and an emphasis was placed on fulfillment of life on earth >the afterlife.
  • The self was seen as an individual and autonomous entity, self reliance and individualism (capitalism) was emphasised and there was a shift from the communal self.
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2. What is an issue with Freud's theory of the Self?

  • Not very empirical, there is an interplay of factors created without evidence to check credibility.
  • His method for devising this theory was empirical but poorly controlled leading to an incorrect theory
  • The categories that he states are incorrect
  • There are no categories, but an interplay of factors

3. What was William James' view of the Self?

  • The self = the soul (immaterial) which controls the 'machine' of the body through the pineal gland.
  • There are 3 types of self, it's constituents (The material/spiritual self), the feelings and emotions they arouse (self-feelings e.g self-dissatisfaction/complacency) and self-actions, the actions to which they prompt e.g self-preservation
  • The mediation of basic instincts and drives through the pineal gland which houses the 'essence' of the self
  • The self as a reconciliation of unconcious forces that govern our behaviour.

4. What did a study by Kross et al (2013) find?

  • Facebook use predicts declines in affect and life satisfaction over time
  • Facebook use predicts increases in affect and life satisfaction over time
  • There is no correlation between facebook use, affect or life staisfaction

5. In ontological development (human), at what stage in development is self-awareness apparent?

  • Stage 4 approx 3 years
  • Stage 1, approx 24 hours
  • Stage 3, approx 2 years
  • Stage 2, approx 2 months


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