Subsections and Researcher Names

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Gillis and Nafekh, Dooley, Haney and Zimbardo
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Alternatives to Imprisonment
Mair and May, Sherman and Strang, Eberhardt
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Treatment Programmes
Cann, Ireland, Wheatley
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Offender Profiling
Canter, Canter, Canter
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Interviewing Suspects
Mann, Inbau & Reid, Gudjohnnson
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Interviewing Witnesses
Bruce, Loftus, Fisher
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Raine, Brunner, Wilson and Daly
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Yochelson and Samenow, Kohlberg, Gudjohnnson and Bownes
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Farrington, Sutherland, Wikstrom and Tajfel
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Theories of Health Belief
Becker (HBM), Bandura (Self-Efficacy), Rotter (Locus of Control)
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Methods of Health Promotion
Cowpe, Danneburg, Janis and Feshbach
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Features of Adherance to Medical Regimes
Bulpitt and Fletcher, Lustman, Watt
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Causes of Stress
Johansson, Kanner, Geer and Maisel
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Measuring Stress
Geer and Maisel, Johansson, Holmes and Rahe
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Managing Stress
Meichenbaum, Budzynski, Waxler-Morrison
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Diagnosis of Dysfunctional Behaviour
DSM, Rosenhan and Seligman, Ford and Widiger
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Explanations of Dysfunctional Behaviour
Gottesman and Shields, Watson and Rayner, Beck
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Treatments for Dysfunctional Behaviour
Karp and Frank, McGrath, Lam
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Alternatives to Imprisonment


Mair and May, Sherman and Strang, Eberhardt

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Treatment Programmes


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Offender Profiling


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Interviewing Suspects


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